Source code for jwql.jwql_monitors.monitor_mast

#! /usr/bin/env python

"""This module is home to a suite of MAST queries that gather bulk
properties of available JWST data for JWQL.


    Joe Filippazzo


    To get an inventory of all JWST files do:

        from jwql.jwql_monitors import monitor_mast
        inventory, keywords = monitor_mast.jwst_inventory()

import logging
import os

from astroquery.mast import Mast
from bokeh.embed import components
from import save, output_file
import pandas as pd

from jwql.utils.constants import JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES, JWST_DATAPRODUCTS
from jwql.utils.logging_functions import configure_logging, log_info, log_fail
from jwql.utils.permissions import set_permissions
from jwql.utils.utils import get_config, initialize_instrument_monitor
from jwql.utils.monitor_utils import update_monitor_table
from jwql.utils.plotting import bar_chart

[docs]def instrument_inventory(instrument, dataproduct=JWST_DATAPRODUCTS, add_filters=None, add_requests=None, caom=False, return_data=False): """Get the counts for a given instrument and data product Parameters ---------- instrument: str The instrument name, i.e. one of ['niriss','nircam','nirspec', 'miri','fgs'] dataproduct: sequence, str The type of data product to search add_filters: dict The ('paramName':'values') pairs to include in the 'filters' argument of the request e.g. add_filters = {'filter':'GR150R'} add_requests: dict The ('request':'value') pairs to include in the request e.g. add_requests = {'pagesize':1, 'page':1} caom: bool Query CAOM service return_data: bool Return the actual data instead of counts only Returns ------- int, dict The number of database records that satisfy the search criteria or a dictionary of the data if `return_data=True` """ filters = [] # Make sure the dataproduct is a list if isinstance(dataproduct, str): dataproduct = [dataproduct] # Make sure the instrument is supported if instrument.lower() not in [ins.lower() for ins in JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES]: raise TypeError('Supported instruments include:', JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES) # CAOM service if caom: # Declare the service service = 'Mast.Caom.Filtered' # Set the filters filters += [{'paramName': 'obs_collection', 'values': ['JWST']}, {'paramName': 'instrument_name', 'values': [instrument]}, {'paramName': 'dataproduct_type', 'values': dataproduct}] # Instruent filtered service else: # Declare the service service = 'Mast.Jwst.Filtered.{}'.format(instrument.title()) # Include additonal filters if isinstance(add_filters, dict): filters += [{"paramName": name, "values": [val]} for name, val in add_filters.items()] # Assemble the request params = {'columns': 'COUNT_BIG(*)', 'filters': filters, 'removenullcolumns': True} # Just get the counts if return_data: params['columns'] = '*' # Add requests if isinstance(add_requests, dict): params.update(add_requests) response = Mast.service_request_async(service, params) result = response[0].json() # Return all the data if return_data: return result # Or just the counts else: return result['data'][0]['Column1']
[docs]def instrument_keywords(instrument, caom=False): """Get the keywords for a given instrument service Parameters ---------- instrument: str The instrument name, i.e. one of ['niriss','nircam','nirspec', 'miri','fgs'] caom: bool Query CAOM service Returns ------- pd.DataFrame A DataFrame of the keywords """ # Retrieve one dataset to get header keywords sample = instrument_inventory(instrument, return_data=True, caom=caom, add_requests={'pagesize': 1, 'page': 1}) data = [[i['name'], i['type']] for i in sample['fields']] keywords = pd.DataFrame(data, columns=('keyword', 'dtype')) return keywords
[docs]def jwst_inventory(instruments=JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES, dataproducts=['image', 'spectrum', 'cube'], caom=False, plot=False): """Gather a full inventory of all JWST data in each instrument service by instrument/dtype Parameters ---------- instruments: sequence The list of instruments to count dataproducts: sequence The types of dataproducts to count caom: bool Query CAOM service plot: bool Return a pie chart of the data Returns ------- astropy.table.table.Table The table of record counts for each instrument and mode """'Searching database...') # Iterate through instruments inventory, keywords = [], {} for instrument in instruments: ins = [instrument] for dp in dataproducts: count = instrument_inventory(instrument, dataproduct=dp, caom=caom) ins.append(count) # Get the total ins.append(sum(ins[-3:])) # Add it to the list inventory.append(ins) # Add the keywords to the dict keywords[instrument] = instrument_keywords(instrument, caom=caom)'Completed database search for {} instruments and {} data products.'. format(instruments, dataproducts)) # Make the table all_cols = ['instrument'] + dataproducts + ['total'] table = pd.DataFrame(inventory, columns=all_cols) # Plot it if plot: # Determine plot location and names output_dir = get_config()['outputs'] if caom: output_filename = 'database_monitor_caom' else: output_filename = 'database_monitor_jwst' # Make the plot plt = bar_chart(table, 'instrument', dataproducts, title="JWST Inventory") # Save the plot as full html html_filename = output_filename + '.html' outfile = os.path.join(output_dir, 'monitor_mast', html_filename) output_file(outfile) save(plt) set_permissions(outfile)'Saved Bokeh plots as HTML file: {}'.format(html_filename)) # Save the plot as components plt.sizing_mode = 'stretch_both' script, div = components(plt) div_outfile = os.path.join(output_dir, 'monitor_mast', output_filename + "_component.html") with open(div_outfile, 'w') as f: f.write(div) f.close() set_permissions(div_outfile) script_outfile = os.path.join(output_dir, 'monitor_mast', output_filename + "_component.js") with open(script_outfile, 'w') as f: f.write(script) f.close() set_permissions(script_outfile)'Saved Bokeh components files: {}_component.html and {}_component.js'.format( output_filename, output_filename)) # Melt the table table = pd.melt(table, id_vars=['instrument'], value_vars=dataproducts, value_name='files', var_name='dataproduct') return table, keywords
[docs]@log_fail @log_info def monitor_mast(): """Tabulates the inventory of all JWST data products in the MAST archive and generates plots. """'Beginning database monitoring.') # Perform inventory of the JWST service jwst_inventory(instruments=JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES, dataproducts=['image', 'spectrum', 'cube'], caom=False, plot=True) # Perform inventory of the CAOM service jwst_inventory(instruments=JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES, dataproducts=['image', 'spectrum', 'cube'], caom=True, plot=True)
if __name__ == '__main__': # Configure logging module = os.path.basename(__file__).strip('.py') start_time, log_file = initialize_instrument_monitor(module) # Run the monitors monitor_mast() update_monitor_table(module, start_time, log_file)