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"""Provides functions that define context inherent to all views.

The functions within this module define ``context`` that will be
included in requests, in addition to any specific ``context`` provided
in the view.


    - Matthew Bourque


    This module is defined under the ``TEMPLATES.OPTIONS`` setting in
    ````, e.g.:

        TEMPLATES = [
            {'OPTIONS': {'context_processors': [''],},}

    As such, it will automatically be executed upon each request.

import bokeh

import jwql
from jwql.utils.constants import JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES, MONITORS, URL_DICT

[docs]def base_context(request): """Provide the context needed for the ``base.html`` template. Parameters ---------- request : HttpRequest object Incoming request from the webpage Returns ------- context : dict A dictionary containing data needed to render the ``base.html`` template """ context = {} context['inst_list'] = JWST_INSTRUMENT_NAMES context['tools'] = MONITORS context['version'] = jwql.__version__ context['bokeh_version'] = bokeh.__version__ context['url_dict'] = URL_DICT return context