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"""Connects to the ``jwql`` database.

This module is the primary interface between the ``jwql`` webapp and
the ``jwql`` database. It uses ``SQLAlchemy`` to start a session with
the database, and provides class methods that perform useful queries on
that database (for example, getting the names of all the files
associated with a certain instrument).


    - Lauren Chambers

    This module can be used as such:

        from db import DatabaseConnection
        db_connect = DatabaseConnection()
        data = db_connect.get_filenames_for_instrument('NIRCam')

    The user must have a configuration file named ``config.json``
    placed in ``jwql/utils/`` directory.

import os

from sqlalchemy.ext.automap import automap_base
from sqlalchemy.orm import Session
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from astroquery.mast import Mast

from jwql.utils.utils import get_config

[docs]class DatabaseConnection: """Facilitates connection with the ``jwql`` database. Attributes ---------- ObservationWebtest : obj Class instance in an "automap" schema corresponding to the ``observationwebtest`` database table session : obj Session with the database that enables querying """ def __init__(self, db_type, instrument=None): """Determine what kind of database is being queried, and call appropriate initialization method """ self.db_type = db_type assert self.db_type in ['MAST', 'SQL'], \ 'Unrecognized database type: {}. Must be SQL or MAST.'.format(db_type) if self.db_type == 'MAST': self.init_MAST(instrument) elif self.db_type == 'SQL': self.init_SQL()
[docs] def init_SQL(self): """Start SQLAlchemy session with the ``jwql`` database""" # Get database credentials from config file connection_string = get_config()['database']['connection_string'] # Connect to the database engine = create_engine(connection_string) # Allow for automapping of database tables to classes Base = automap_base() # Reflect the tables in the database Base.prepare(engine, reflect=True) # Find the observations table self.ObservationWebtest = Base.classes.observations_webtest # Start a session to enable queries self.session = Session(engine)
[docs] def init_MAST(self, instrument=None): """Determine the necessary service string to query the MAST database. """ # Correctly format the instrument string if instrument: instrument = instrument[0].upper() + instrument[1:].lower() else: raise TypeError('Must provide instrument to initialize MAST database.') # Define the service name for the given instrument self.service = "Mast.Jwst.Filtered." + instrument print(self.service)
[docs] def get_files_for_instrument(self, instrument): """Given an instrument, query the database for all filenames and paths associated with said instrument Parameters ---------- instrument : str Name of JWST instrument Returns ------- filepaths: list List of all filepaths in database for the provided instrument filenames: list List of all filenames in database for the provided instrument """ instrument = instrument.upper() if self.db_type == 'SQL': results = self.session.query(self.ObservationWebtest)\ .filter(self.ObservationWebtest.instrument == instrument) elif self.db_type == 'MAST': params = {"columns": "*", "filters": []} response = Mast.service_request_async(self.service, params) results = response[0].json()['data'] filepaths = [] filenames = [] for i in results: if self.db_type == 'SQL': filename = i.filename elif self.db_type == 'MAST': filename = i['filename'] prog_id = filename[2:7] file_path = os.path.join('jw' + prog_id, filename) filepaths.append(file_path) filenames.append(filename) return filepaths, filenames